Discover hereafter some technical details from a concrete application where Xtreme was used to optimize a radial pump. This optimization software is developed by the Belgian company OPTIMAL Computing. The latter helps designers to unleash the full power of their design process in order to increase turbomachines efficiency and related revenues. Xtreme is a versatile, agnostic and powerful optimization software based on Artificial Intelligence techniques. Please contact NOMASYS would you like a FREE TRIAL version !

Value proposition

Thanks to the AI at the core of Xtreme software, you benefit from the following advantages:

  • Complex optimization problems (e.g. eigen frequencies passing forbidden ranges) are treated easily with Xtreme.
  • A reduced number of simulations to reach the optimum. Fewer runs required with Xtreme compared to other optimisation packages.
  • Non-computable functions are treated in a unique way leading to a fast learning and solving. Learning is the foundation of Xtreme to save your time.
  • Let Xtreme adjust solvers and optimization parameters automatically while you focus on the physics of the problem to solve. Solvers are automatically adjusted behind the scene based on a learning algorithm and a large number of stored knowledge.

Software workflow

  • CFTurbo for the geometry
  • TCFD for the CFD simulation
  • NetGen for the mechanical mesh
  • CalculiX for the mechanical static and dynamic calculation
  • Xtreme for the optimization
  • Xtreme to lead the platform

Xtreme optimization

  • Plug-in method: versatility and flexibility
  • Global optimization
  • Multiple objectives
  • Can deal with uncomputable simulation
  • Learning method included
  • Very fast convergence
  • Graphical user interface and meta model for 3D representation
  • Continuous / Integer / Discrete design variables
  • Continuous variable optimization and sequence optimization

Results of the radial pump optimization

  • Hydraulic efficiency from 86.4 % to 88.5 % (+2.1 %)
  • Von Mises stresses from 2.71 MPa to 2.97 MPa < 10 MPa
  • Eigen frequencies (First 5 modes) increased by 7 %


AI-based fluid mechanics optimization of a turbomachine

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