Our client Sensima (since 2010, 15 employees) is made of experts and managers in the sensors, electronics, and software business with a passion for creating compliant information in the industrial context. Their products and services are used in the power generation, infrastructure, aerospace and manufacturing industry, with numerous projects delivered to major companies. Sensima supports global actors of the control and certification business in the digitalization of their services.

Since 2020, Sensima extended its expertise to the Additive Manufacturing with AMiquam product. Indeed, whereas Additive Manufacturing gives industry new design flexibility, reduces energy use and shortens time to market, the control, monitoring, and certification of the quality of the produced parts still present significant challenges. This is the right place for Sensima expertise !


Technical details


Our unique autonomous electromagnetic systems deliver compliant information about the stability of the AM process, by measuring directly what matters most for you, i.e. the quality of the parts. Our sensors are sensitive to porosity increase and to the presence of defects in the parts. The information is collected layer by layer without affecting the machine productivity.

Contrarily to melt pool monitoring and optical image monitoring, we measure the sub layer defects that will remain in the final part and not the surface or the melt pool that are indirectly related to the part quality.

We equip most of the additive manufacturing machines in the market with minimal impact and no wire interfaces. The product has been used with Al and Ti alloys as well as stainless steel and Nitinol. The data can also be used by third parties to generate compliant reports remotely. These reports are based on established ASMT and ISO standards and will save post processing inspection costs.



This is an in-situ monitoring of an Additive Manufacturing process. Four Ti-6Al-4V parts are printed and the part quality, inferred from their electromagnetic response, is displayed in live during a parameters’ sensitivity study. The data presented here is constructed from the in-phase and out-of-phase components of the electromagnetic response of the samples on which the probe has been moved with the movement of the recoater. Each dot is 1 layer. Each color corresponds to 1 part.


The Quality Target helps to optimize printing parameters ! The perfect way to save time spent on experiments and to converge quickly to the best parameters.


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