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We are happy to announce that Nomasys has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with La Miam Factory (Belgium). The latter has acquired a recognized expertise with the 3D printing of chocolate. La Miam Factory will support Nomasys in its ambition to develop a new generation chocolate 3D printer. Details about this partnership are available upon request: please contact us by clicking here.

La Miam Factory uses a 3D printer that has specially been adapted to food printing (standard: AFSCA). Thanks to this printer, we can design and print various shapes that couldn’t be otherwise produced in chocolate.

La Miam Factory can print using any kind of chocolate (white, milk, dark…) from any brand. Shapes are made of pure chocolate without any additive.

NOMASYS helps high-tech startups and small companies to scale up their business and monetize their technical innovations, including technical and marketing consulting in the field of Advanced Manufacturing Processes, among other high-tech sectors. NOMASYS is here launching a new startup in the field of food-tech. The ambition is the development of a new generation chocolate 3D printer under the brand Schoggi Print. The objective is to reach a first prototype in March 2021.

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