NeoMake, a new startup of NOMASYS Consulting and 3DVS is proud to present a new project applying the digital workflow from Scan 3D to Print. Here is an admission pipe of a vintage motorbike. This old workpiece is difficult or impossible to find on the market and our customer wishes to reverse engineer this exiting admission pipe. NeoMake applies the following workflow:

1. Scan 3D

2. CAD generation

3. CAD healing

4. STL generation

5. Aluminium Additive Manufacturing


This is the resulting raw file obtained from the 3D scanning:


After CAD healing, this is the resulting STL file that we can send to the 3D printer:


SLS additive manufacturing of the reverse engineered part. Perfect fit of the new workpiece with the vintage component:


After integration in the engine, this is the final result:




Laurent D’Alvise, CEO

Yann Gosteli, CTO

NeoMake Switzerland

Something new and inspiring is happening…

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