The moon was never so close!

Webinar #1: May 27, 2021 @ 12:00 PM CET

Live from Tokyo (Japan)

with Alejandro Sela, ispace HAKUTO-R

Executive summary

Technology has evolved substantially during the last decades. While the main constraint for space access is still the launch cost, the software evolution and the access to space hardware is becoming more and more affordable. In addition to that, many of the processes and standards bring years of experience to the industry. The result of these changes is that new players are entering the space game with alternative solutions and a completely different risk strategy. Challenges are the same, but solutions can be different. What required huge budgets and resources before can be performed now for a fraction of that price. i-space has created a winning team capable of solving those challenges and is opening the door to a new industry.


About the speaker

Alejandro Sela is the Spacecraft Operation Engineering Team Leader of ispace. Alejandro has more than 10 years of experience as International Space Station Flight controller at the B-USOC team. Alejandro worked on different projects with space leaders like ESA, Airbus and SNC.



Please drop us a mail to get the slides of our panelist. The full webinar is available for replay hereafter.

Webinar Replay


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