Low-code No-code Solution for AI Deployement, a new product on the market !

Webinar #3: April 26, 2022 @ 3:00 PM CET

Live demo from Mons (Belgium)

with Stéphane Pierret, Optimal Computing


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Executive summary

With VisualIA your organisation is able to build cross-platform enterprise applications using very few code lines. VisualIA uses almost exclusively drag and drop and configuration panels to build your own software applications.


VisualIA allows you to:
* Create your own software interface using drag and drop
* Create your data flow using drag and drop
* Incorporate artificial intelligence techniques for image or data analysis
* Very easily deploy your own apps internally on PC, Mac, Mobile or Web


With VisualIA, your organisation will gain huge advantages:
* Cut cost of app development and management of data workflow
* Decrease the time to market of new application and have very fast transformation
* Be able to follow your precise and specific business logic without external constraints
* Be your own master to develop and maintain your apps and your prescribe speed
* Be able to have long lasting apps and improve agility.


In this webinar, Optimal Computing and Nomasys will show you on a specific use case how you can achieve this.


More information: https://optimalcomputing.be/

About the speaker

Dr. Stéphane Pierret has extensive experience with numerical optimization, audit/development in artificial intelligence, software development with 20+ years experience in C++, Java, WinDev, Python, R. He is the CEO of Optimal Computing and develops Xtreme, a numerical optimization software based on artificial intelligence techniques.


More information: Stéphane’s LinkedIn profile.

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